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Welcome to Hardwood Products Company.

For everything from ice cream to apples to corn dogs, we've got your stick.

Hardwood Products Co. is a wholesale supplier of quality woodenware for the food industries. We offer ice cream sticks, corn dog sticks, wooden skewers, wooden toothpicks, wooden spoons, wooden utensils, wooden craft sticks and more. Our manufacturing plant is located in Guilford, Maine and we are committed to providing retailers with the best wholesale pricing on our woodenware.

Our brands, Gold Bond® and Trophy™, are biodegradable woodenware items for dairy, foodservice, and craft applications. All of our woodenware is made from Northern White Birch. This wood is chosen and milled for its light color, smooth surface, tight grain, and tensile strength. You can count on us for consistent quality and expect fast, friendly service.

In addition to our standard woodenware we do offer Custom Ordering allowing you to get the exact size and shape you need. We also offer custom printing on most of our products and wrappers.

You can count on us for consistent quality and fast turnaround of our standard products.
Manufacturing, packaging & shipping all under one roof!
Wholesale Wooden Stick Items
Ice Cream Sticks - Ice Cream Spoons - Corn Dog Sticks - Corn Cob Holders
Steak Markers - Flat Toothpicks - Applicator Sticks – Cuticle Sticks - Cocktail Sticks
Round Toothpicks - Bow-tie sticks - Craft Sticks - Flag Sticks


“Our company provides not only stock skewers, sticks and other various woodenware products to clients, but we also provide clients with custom machined items. Hardwood Products is a key supplier for stock and custom machined items to our company; the staff there works closely with us to engineer the right product for each custom design.

At the end of the day the team at Hardwood Products exceeds our expectations on every level and consistently delivers high quality parts on time, on budget and to specification. We can honestly say Hardwood Products is a very dependable supplier, we feel like we can always count on them to come through for us.”
Supply Chain Vendor

"Hardwood Products has been a supplier for us now for the better part of a decade. Without exception, they have been one of the most competent suppliers top to bottom that we have done business with. The products that we purchase from Hardwood are very fragile relative to many other products that we purchase abroad. Yet with Hardwood, we don’t worry about the integrity of the packaging and handling as they have proven over and over that they care as much about our shipments as we do. Hardwood Products has always been quick to react with new product challenges and demands, which we throw at them often. They are truly an ally for us, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to do business with the good people at Hardwood. I have personally met many of their personnel, and it is clear that the care and pride that they take in their business is genuine and sincere. Hardwood Products sets a great example on how to acquire and maintain customers for life."
Chris Consalus, Automated Food Systems, Inc.

"Hardwood Products has always been a pleasure to deal with. Their pricing is very competitive and they have always delivered as requested. I would also recommend Hardwood for their quality. The parts are always clean and consistent in size."
Pat, Royer Corporation

"In today’s increasingly impersonal world, Hardwood Products is a respite from the norm. Exceptional service, quality products and competitive pricing make Hardwood Products an absolute pleasure to work with."
Connie Lee, Probuy

"It is nice to work with a company like Hardwood Products, you can always count on the quality."
Jorge Bravo, Sr., Natural Fruit Corporation

"I have worked with Hardwood Products for over 20 years, procuring bulk wooden components in dowel and veneer formats. While many items are among their wide range of stock items, my queries into custom products are met with cost effective and timely solutions. While I have learned to have high expectations in their service, they continue to surprise me with rapid turnaround on quotations, as well as deliveries. Despite demanding tolerances at times, they always deliver as promised, with excellent quality."
Supply Chain Vendor